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Let's Get Cooking!

Cooking With Cannabliss offers health-conscious cooks an easy and fun way to learn the correct step by step methods to make your own awesome (and affordable) CBD-infused edibles, tinctures or topical creams and be proud to call them your own!

Our unique DIY workshops provide an educational and highly hands-on learning experience that's also very easy on the wallet.  Weekly cooking workshops are held on Friday and Saturday. Book online and have it automatically added to your calendar!  Each workshop is two hours and held near downtown Orlando.


All workshop materials such as cookers, bowls, utensils, aprons, gloves, molds, etc are provided for your individual use. Attendees go home with a Cooking With Cannabliss "Bliss Bag", containing key workshop tools (we love tools!) to kickstart your own kitchen supplies. Finally, all workshop attendees take home their very own (yummy! healing!) cooking project - all for $59. 


So come (Hans) solo or bring a group (Girls Night Out) or score cool points on a date night. And sweet discounts abound if you bring a large group; you may even attend for free.

 Come create with us! Click the Register button and take your cooking skills - and your health - to the next level. 

*Please note: No cannabis of any kind is sold or provided at the cooking workshop. Attendees must bring their own CBD product. CBD is legal in the state of Florida.

Get the ABCs of CBD!

Our Cooking With Cannabliss workshops unleash your culinary creativity and transform your health! 



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Edible Workshop: Gummies


We love gummies! Pop one after a tough workout or take your yoga asanas to a new dimension.

CBD-infused gummies are a tasty alternative when estimating drops of oil sounds too hard and when vaping in public draws too much attention. For anyone on the fence about trying CBD, gummies are a good way to start.


This fun two-hour DIY workshop gives you the knowledge and hands-on experience to finally "break the code" to making super tasty (candy store-grade!) gummies to take charge of your health. Understand the correct temperatures, secret ingredients, serving sizes, dosages, kitchen tools to use and more.  

All materials i.e. cooker, utensils, molds, bowls, gloves, aprons, etc are provided. 

You must bring your own CBD product. And the ability to smile.

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Topical Workshop: Ointment & Cream


Skin is the largest organ so rubbing health-inducing CBD-infused creams, salves, and ointments into tender, painful skin can be a gamechanger for many sufferers of eczema, psoriasis, and fibromyalgia (just to name a few conditions that can be helped). 

This two-hour DIY workshop gives you the knowledge and hands-on experience to create new healing potions or to boost the healing properties of your existing products by adding amazing CBD. All materials i.e. cooker, utensils, molds, bowls, etc are provided. 

You must bring your own CBD product.  And one decent knock-knock joke.

Oil Cooking.png

Edibles Workshop: Oils & Butter


The benefits of consuming CBD-infused oils and butter could probably fill a mobile home.  And high on the list of benefits would be the huge health-building impact of using CBD without having to irritate your lungs in the process from vaping. 


This two-hour DIY workshop will take you through the process and techniques to make delish oils and butter infused with CBD. Come build your confidence to unleash the culinary "Kraken" in your kitchen. Most importantly, save your lungs and saturate your taste buds and your body  - one healthy bite at a time.  All materials i.e. cooker, utensils, molds, bowls, etc are provided. 


You must bring your own CBD product. And the ability to laugh!

Dr with Weed Tree.png

Edibles Workshop: Tinctures


Let's drink to your health! Literally.

Chronic pain sufferers can benefit immensely - and very quickly - from drinking beverages infused with CBD. Enjoy your favorite beverage even more with the added healing property of CBD. 

This two-hour DIY workshop gives you the know-how and confidence to supercharge any liquid (hot or cold) including smoothies, herbal teas, soups, even cocktails, and bottled water. All materials i.e. cooker, utensils, molds, bowls, etc are provided. 


You must bring your own CBD  product. And the ability to carry a tune.

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